Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creating: A simple complication

  What I think about when I create

  When creating a piece, personal or professional I have found that there are skills and tools far more important than the software, a wacom tablet or a paint brush. If i'm fortunate the piece becomes art, but this is not always the case in the commercial world. My soul is rooted in process, craft and storytelling, all principals of fine art that apply to every medium. As a result of these virtues I hold dear, coupled with the fast paced, cut-throat, winner take all field I work in, it can be difficult to remember this very important lesson. A lesson taught to me by an amazing professor and a life changing foundation education.

   Nothing is precious, nothing is sacred and everything has purpose. Say something.  Know when to stop and when to start over. Walk away, take a deep breath and for God sake lighten up! Also, your work is shit try harder. Maybe smear some coffee on it.

Damn, I miss Fran and what I learned at Munson. I carry those lessons with me every day.